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Class of '55 Memories

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Ruby's Class Of '55 Memories

Wildcats of L H S Logan, WV. Class of 1955 50th Reunion
Well, it's come and gone class of 1955 We knew that it was coming, that it would arrive. Our 50th reunion, how can it possibly be? The years have passed so quickly it's hard to believe. Oh yes, there's still a young lady and a young man locked inside The bones keep them from getting out and those wrinkles we can't hide. So there's nothing left to do but accept it. With memories, the years we will remember. Those we'll never forget. Yes, we are still those wildcats and did we ever growl back then! Guess all we can do now is to purr and look back where we've been. God has been good to us, that have survived these years Those that have left us has brought us tears. Perhaps someday we can have that one main reunion in the sky I think that would be great How about it, class of 1955? Until the day we meet again...someday, somewhere We will always remember the years that we've been allowed to share. ~ Ruby Crane Hendricks~ Oct. 10, 2005

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