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Logan High School Class of '55 Memories

Bob's Sentimental Journey

All Pictures on this page are from the Bobby Brooks Collection

This web site is maintained by Dodie E. (Smith) Browning

Bob and Naomi sent me these pictures on a CD. They wrote: "Do with them what you want". Trust is such an important part of friendship. (grin) I love you both!. (Thanks Naomi!)

We knew there was a gas shortage,
but was this really how he traveled?

That's much better!
Now he won't get wet and
he even had a trailer for his luggage!
Looks like he might be getting ready
to trade in his horse & buggy?

Yippee! He finally made it to WV!
But what does it say on his T-shirt?

Win or lose- LETS GO BLUE !!!!!!

Finally Home!!
Want to make any bets as to where he goes first?
Figured it out yet?

That wasn't hard to figure out!
Where is everyone? Sure is lonesome without Sally!

Even with boards on the windows,
it is still a beautul building!
Wonder if he tied his horse up here?

Bet there isn't another WalMart anywhere
with a background like that!

Looks like it is about time to head for the motel
and get ready to renew old friendships.........

That's not a horse!
That's a pick-up truck with Michigan plates!
Just about there.......

Wonder who did all those beautiful table decorations for both nights?
The deocorations, glasses and prizes were the best ever and
someone put a lot of work into them! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

What happened to everyone else's lips?

Doug missed his calling!
He could have been a preacher or better yet, a comedian!

Where did da committee go?

That answers that question!

If you would like to share old pictures of our class mates or pictures from any LHS Class Of '55 reunions, Please email me by clicking here:


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