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Class of '55 Memories

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				  The Gold And The Blue

			Our School Colors, the old blue and gold
			Bring memories of days when we never dreamed of being old.

			Our school colors, etched in time
			When we dreamed of the future and life was sublime.

			We were weaving threads of friendship in the fabric of life; 
			Threads of pure gold that have withstood strife.

			After school days came to an end
			Classmates scattered like leaves in the wind.

			Our school colors the old gold and blue,
			have a deeper meaning now dear friend,
			Because they remind me of you.

			Our friendship so true, made of pure gold
			Is a treasure from heaven as we grow old.

			Blue brings memories of tears we have shared
			But in times of trouble, you always cared.

			Sharing pain and losses that life would send;
			You walked those roads with me, my friend to the end.

			Like our school colors, the old gold and blue;
			The color of our friendship is, oh so true.

			In the cornfield of life, we were "nubbins" back then
			I know this poem is corny, but I love you my friend.

			~Author- Dodie Smith Browning-2002~

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